Understanding In-Market Segments – Google Analytics

18th September 2015

If you want to strengthen your digital marketing practices, it’s worth taking a look at what’s known as ‘in-market audience’ in Google analytics.

By turning on the Demographic reporting function in Google Analytics, you can find your own specific in-market audience, based on users that are visiting your site.  This will display visitors to your website categorised under sections like ‘residential properties’, ‘travel’ and ‘financial services’, based on their search behaviour, this means you can target potential customers extremely efficiently.

* Note that if you can’t see the Demographic tool in your Google Analytics, you may need to turn it on first.


2 Million Websites Featured on the Display Network

You can target your in-market audience with image adverts, using tools like Google Display Network to do so. Used by around 2 million websites, GDN allows you to geographically direct your online adverts – meaning you can be sure your message is reaching the right audience.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is another helpful tool when raising your brand awareness. With this platform, you can target thousands of people with strong video content for as little as £0.06 per view. What’s more, by using ‘skipable’ adverts, you will only pay if someone watches your video for more than 30 seconds.


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