ThinkBDW’s student brief highlights commitment to creative excellence

1st February 2017



Graphic design students in the third year of their degree have thrown themselves into a creative brief set by leading marketing agency ThinkBDW.

The company’s creative director Dale Hooper created the criteria for the project alongside University Campus Suffolk (UCS) course tutor Russell Walker. The brief was unveiled to the students at the agency’s offices in Colchester this week.

Dale, who himself graduated in graphic design at UCS, explained that the Ipswich-based students have been given eight weeks to design a property brochure. “They will choose between an executive development, retirement complex, starter homes or family houses,” he said.

“They’ll sell a lifestyle and a living space within the pages of their brochure, using all the skills they have developed over the last two years of their course.”

He added: “ThinkBDW is undertaking this project as part of our commitment to creative excellence. We want to encourage the talented designers who are the future of the industry.”

It’s the second time the collaboration between ThinkBDW and UCS has taken place. Last year, students Luke Pyett and Rebecca Louise’s brochures were judged by Dale and his colleagues to be the strongest, and they won coveted internship places at the agency. Judging of this year’s work will take place at the students’ end of year show in July, with at least one internship up for grabs.

Russell, who taught Dale and fellow ThinkBDW designer Robbie McWilliams at UCS, explained that the project represented a great opportunity for this year’s students. He said: “Their brochure will be something really impressive for their portfolio, something they can use in the real world to get a job.”

He added: “The work Dale and the team do at ThinkBDW is really top end – it’s not usually the kind of thing you see outside London. I’d love the students to aspire to this kind of agency.”

ThinkBDW is the country’s largest and most innovative full-service marketing agency specialising in the property sector and the company employs more than 160 experts at offices in Colchester, central London, Manchester and Newcastle. ThinkBDW’s services include CGI, digital marketing, creative advertising and signage.

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