Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and measurable ways to reach potential and existing clients with promotions, news and brand messages. Email marketing is also a great way to manage customer relationships without being overly intrusive. Popular within the Property industry, we utilise email marketing campaigns to capture customers further along the sales funnel, by promoting product launches, availability, key dates, information and brand messaging, fully tailored to meet your business objectives.

Bespoke Email Design

ThinkBDW create bespoke template email campaigns. Having an email template tailored to your brand provides a professional feel that will not only make your email memorable but also increase the chances of your potential customer making an action.

Our templated approach speeds up the turnaround time of your e-mail campaign and adds consistency which is important for any brand. We constantly a/b test campaigns to improve the templates and ensure that business objectives are met.

Powerful Statistics and Reports

Email marketing is one of the most measurable methods of marketing available. You can find out who opened each email, at what time, and which links they clicked.

We create detailed reports on your email campaigns and summarise key details. By monitoring our e-mail campaigns we regularly outperform the industry standard for clicks and open rate.

We constantly analyse a number of factors that impact on the performance of campaigns, including subject lines (which impacts on open rate) and the calls to action used within the emails.

Cross Browser and Email Provider Testing

All emails we send out are cross email client tested to ensure they render well in all popular email clients. We also run through an internal pre-flight checklist before sending your email campaign on its way.

Due to technological advances, there has been a rapid shift towards users reading their email on the move – on mobile and tablet. Many of our clients are already seeing more opens and clicks on mobile devices than on desktops, some reporting upwards of 80% of their audience opening from a mobile device. We optimise our email marketing campaigns for mobile devices to ensure effective performance.

emails are opened on mobile
emails delivered for our clients