Property searches on mobile devices increase by 47% in Q1

15th July 2015

In recent weeks ThinkBDW has seen a surge in online property searches from mobiles and have helped our developer clients optimise their online offering to take advantage of this opportunity. The number of search queries being performed on mobile devices increased by a staggering 47% in the first quarter of 2015*. This came at the same time as desktop search queries decreased by 1%.

The number of search queries being performed on mobile devices increased by a staggering 47% in the first quarter of 2015

In this fast changing world, it pays all businesses and organisations to make time for an online health check to ensure you are ranking well on mobile devices.







Mobile-friendly site is key

A mobile-friendly presence will help capture the maximum available online traffic whilst through paid search calls from mobile devices, can be tracked which can help you to decide where to invest your budget.

With most consumers owning and accessing multiple digital devices, by the end of 2015 mobile traffic is expected to surpass desktop traffic. Mobile devices are increasingly being used as the first point for consumer research (48% of first interactions in the automotive sector are already on mobile devices).


Clearly, it is important that Google deliver the best results across all platforms. As part of its on-going innovation, on April 21 Google made a major change to its algorithm, the much talked about ‘Mobilegeddon’. This involved giving priority in search rankings to pages that are optimised for mobile. Common errors which hinder website visibility include:

• Links placed too closely together
• Mobile viewports not being set correctly
• Text set too small to read on mobile devices
• Blocking of resources necessary for Google’s robots to correctly “read” the resources referenced by the web page.

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Be prepared: make sure your website is responsive and ensure you are optimised for mobile devices. For more information on the many ways we can help you create a responsive website to drive sales and visiblity, please contact ThinkBDW 

* Source: Google