Modern Slavery Statement

ThinkBDW Ltd Modern Slavery Act Statement in respect of the financial year ended 31st December 2019

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) requires most larger organisations in the UK to publish an annual Modern Slavery Statement.

ThinkBDW Ltd operates almost exclusively in the UK and employs around 200 staff. We support the aims of the Act and will never knowingly deal with any organisation which is connected to Modern Slavery as defined in the Act.

ThinkBDW Ltd operates a UK business where the main asset is the intellectual property generated by our own staff and, given the nature of the services we provide and our high standard of employment practices, we consider that we are at low risk of exposure to Modern Slavery in the UK. We are not aware of any areas of our operations nor of our supply chain which are likely to lead to a breach of the Act.

Our policies and procedures have been updated to specifically mention the four defined types of Modern Slavery. In particular these policies and procedures seek to:

a) Educate staff on Modern Slavery and the risk factors to which they should be alert

b) Engage in recruitment and employment practices which cannot constitute exploitation

c) Identify and minimise risks of Modern Slavery in our supply chain

d) Encourage reporting of actual or suspected instances of Human Slavery to the appropriate authority

e) Comply with Modern Slavery Legislation

During the year we have not become aware of any instance of actual or suspected Modern Slavery affecting our business.

This statement was approved by the Board of ThinkBDW Ltd and signed on its behalf by:

Robert Day
30th March 2020