Are you getting the most from your E-mail Marketing Campaign?

22nd July 2016

At ThinkBDW we see great results from our e-mail marketing campaigns, especially when used as a customer relationship tool.

If you are running an e-mail marketing campaign there are a number of areas to consider if you are looking to get the best results.

Time of Day

The time of day that you send an e-mail can have an impact on the open rate. Try to send out your e-mails mid-week and at midday, this is likely to be a quieter time for office workers. E-mail service providers such as MailChimp offer the option to allow the system to decide when to send the e-mail. Be in a position to test results as your customers may also react better at weekends.

Frequency of E-mails

Avoid sending e-mails too frequently, be considerate to your audience. E-mails work really well when reminding customers about different stages of a property development or about special offers. However don’t be seen to be sending e-mails too frequently as this could cause your audience to request to be removed from your e-mail list.

Test Your Subject Lines

The subject line of an e-mail can determine whether or not someone will open the e-mail in the first place. Remember that the user will only be able to see what the e-mail is about based on the subject line, so make it sharp and snappy. Don’t forget that a high percentage of your potential customers will be using Smartphone devices so focus on keeping the most important information towards the beginning of the subject line.

Mobile First

Design your e-mails with mobile devices as the priority. Smartphone usage has increased dramatically over the last couple of years, stats which can be seen through Google Analytics and various other tracking systems including many of the e-mail service provider backgrounds.


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