Case Study

Axminster Carpets

Carpet giant Axminster had a range of carpets that they wanted to promote to the public. The company, which has a Royal Warrant, had considered using their promotional budget on a photoshoot. But they were so impressed with the CGI capabilities at ThinkBDW that they decided on something a little different.

Services Employed: Retail, CGI

Carpet Selector 

We were given creative freedom to produce a number of CGI rooms of varying styles, from modern properties to traditional country cottages. We then added functionality to allow the user to instantly change the style of the carpet using a touchscreen application.

Cost Effective Solution without Boundaries

This gave the client and its sales team much more control over how to present the different products, as opposed to the stricter parameters of a photoshoot. It was also more cost effective.

This 18-month project was something of a departure for our CGI team, as we would normally have modelled a room to specific dimensions before virtually decorating it. Instead, for this work, we built the rooms to suit a particular outlook, which has worked really well.