Gateway Earlham Square Show Apartment

Apartment living in the big city

Earlham Square offers apartment living in the big city, designed from the start to be people focused, aimed at first time buyers and young families. With a choice of different apartment layouts, our task was to design show apartments that inspired people’s individual style so they could imagine themselves living there.

Elegance meets playful

We introduced a youthful fun interior, but instead of vibrant colours we opted for neutral, earthy tones that still achieved the wow-factor from visitors. Elegance meets playful in the living space, with pink and gold tones. A striking gallery wall helps soften the space and the use of different textures gives the overall homely feel we desired.

With both bedrooms, we injected luxe furnishings yet still created a relaxing haven for visitors to imagine themselves winding down after a long day. Playful elements such as the striped wallpaper in the second bedroom make a statement, but with a grown-up twist.

The second bedroom measures up as a work from home space and a bedroom. It was important for us to show how easily apartment living can be adapted to working from home whilst still having separate living/bedroom areas.

Sensory design

Every small detail was considered throughout the space to help engage potential buyers. For example, sensory design was used to give off scents from artificial herbs, using thyme, basil, and rosemary diffusers. By creating this experience, we were able to link the overall space - giving visitors a real lived-in feel, ensuring they connect with the show home, as they would in their own home.

Even though the look and feel of the apartment was designed to have its own identity, we still made sure the pink and black branding from Earlham Square was featured throughout the design.

The ultimate visitor experience

Elegance meets playful at Earlham Square! Every small detail was considered to ensure the ultimate visitor experience when viewing this stylish space.
Ryan Hamilton, Interior Design Manager - ThinkBDW
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